Optimizing Team Communication

Why we dedicated time to optimizing internal communication

At HelloSign, we’ve built a culture of active transparency. It’s one of our core values. The Daily Scroll was born from a strong desire to keep the entire team informed about the daily happenings around the office. As we started working on the Daily Scroll, we realized that it’s the purest form of active transparency.

How we built out the system

Once we had a good understanding of the type of content that we wanted to include, we got to work on a Keynote slide deck. The idea was to display the deck on a constant loop in our communal lounge area and eventually, extend the Daily Scroll to all screens in the office. Since this project was super collaborative, we wanted to make sure that anyone could update slides as needed, which is one of the main reasons we chose Keynote. It’s also easy to use and gave us a lot of flexibility around what we could accomplish.

A few challenges

One of our main challenges with this project was figuring out how frequently the slides should be updated. We didn’t want to update them so much that the team wouldn’t have enough time to go through all the info. We also didn’t want to wait too long and run the risk of making the daily scroll seem too stagnant. We went with once a week, which also worked perfectly with the bandwidth that we had as a team.

The Launch

The most satisfying part of this project, like with most projects, was when we finally launched it to the team. We heard a whole lot of “oohs” and “ahhs” and a few “what-ifs”. We started receiving and documenting feedback instantly. After hearing from the team, we realized that the main missing component was metrics. We’d love to get growth focused numbers in there so as to give our team complete insight into the company’s progress. This is something that we’re going to be rolling out in the upcoming versions.

In conclusion

We started out with a simple goal: aggregating data across different departments and presenting it in a beautiful, easy to follow format. We’re already noticing the positive effects of the daily scroll. We, as a company, are now more deliberate about the information that we present. We’re able to surface relevant information without it being annoying or overwhelming, which in turn fuels productivity. We’re living and breathing our values more than ever, partly because we’re now more informed. There’s less confusion, more clarity and definitely a lot more celebration. Our next steps are to move to Raspberry Pi and automate the updating process. We can’t wait for the daily scroll to grow and become the primary way we communicate with the team.



Designer of many things. Currently, Head of Design at Unmind. Creating a community for dog lovers — Dear Genie.

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Designer of many things. Currently, Head of Design at Unmind. Creating a community for dog lovers — Dear Genie.