Optimizing Team Communication

Emails. Hipchat/Slack messages. Verbal announcements. These are just a few of many ways in which we communicate these days. It’s easy to get lost in a flood of messages and ignore the ones that matter. At HelloSign, we noticed that this was increasingly becoming a communication pain point. A lot of important information that we wanted to surface internally was not being relayed effectively simply because of the sheer volume.

Communication is an integral part of any well-oiled machine. As our team grows, we’re constantly evaluating tools to make communication a bit easier, which almost always results in increased productivity.

It was clear that we needed a centralized system to access announcements, celebrate accomplishments, and keep current with metrics. In order to set up a more permanent internal communication system the Creative team — in collaboration with Team Ops — started working on a little project called “The Daily Scroll”.

Why we dedicated time to optimizing internal communication

The primary goal for this project was to make the daily scroll the most efficient form of internal communication. We wanted to surface information in a more digestible format as opposed to sending out five hundred and sixty four emails a day that get buried. We wanted the Daily Scroll to be a one stop shop for providing necessary information, uplifting morale, displaying shoutouts and kudos. We divvied up all the information that we wanted to display into a few main categories: Important announcements, team spirit (celebrating milestones, workaversaries, birthdays, kudos, etc.), and metrics.

How we built out the system

A few challenges

Given the fact that we wanted to update the slides every week, it was important for us to create templates for various events that we could reuse as needed.

Since our brand is relatively new, we’re always looking for opportunities to showcase our brand on as many deliverables as we can. Making sure that design was a part of the conversation was one of our top priorities. We wanted to gather all the scattered pieces of information and present them all in a beautiful, digestible way.

Once we got past some of the initial decision-making hurdles, executing the big vision was fairly straightforward. Over the past few months, we’ve been experimenting with a bunch of different illustration styles in hopes of coming up with one that perfectly matches our brand personality. With this project, we got a chance to really own our illustration style and extend it to a variety of scenarios.

The Launch

In conclusion



Designer of many things. Currently, Head of Design at Unmind. Creating a community for dog lovers — Dear Genie.

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Designer of many things. Currently, Head of Design at Unmind. Creating a community for dog lovers — Dear Genie.