• Damien Whaley

    Damien Whaley

    Principal Developer at MYOB

  • Brian Greenbaum

    Brian Greenbaum

    Software Developer turned Interaction Designer turned Product Manager turned World Traveler.

  • Mike Pinkerton

    Mike Pinkerton

    COO/General Counsel of Metaverse Mod Squad: managed digital engagement services for social, gaming, and enterprise.

  • Dann Petty

    Dann Petty

    pro surfer (web), hosting @epicurrence, previously @luxevalet @obviouscorp @medium, http://be.net/dannpetty, http://dribbble.com/dannpetty

  • Warwick Kay

    Warwick Kay

    I create beautiful, usable websites and applications, attempt to travel as much as possible and enjoy photography wherever I go

  • Keith Krach

    Keith Krach

    Former Chairman & CEO of DocuSign. Cofounder & CEO of Ariba, Chairman of Purdue University, Chairman of Angie’s List and VP, General Motors

  • Fredrik Johansson

    Fredrik Johansson

    Design Lead at Daresay Digital Agency @daresayumea and Product Designer / Co-founder Raft Calendar @joinraft

  • Kate O'Rourke

    Kate O'Rourke

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